About The Blog

Some people think, turning your interest into your work could be a tragedy, while I don't really agree with this. I love programming, and I love being a programmer at work too. While the only problem is you are not always free to choose what you would like to code...

I used to mainly program C#, and I do love its elegancy; then started Java, which is just for delivering my work, although I think I am also good at it, or at least not too bad. While when I came with the thought to setup my own blog, I really wanted to try something new.

In fact you may say I am not keeping up pace as Python, the language I chose, is not really a new language. While at least it is new to me. There is really great difference between programming a static language and a dynamic language, at least you won't have that much intellisense as you program C#. But I really appreciate the flexibility of Python, and I think I have made the right choice, relieved not to worry about the dependency on SQL server and IIS.

I am going to write the blog in English only, which is not my mother tongue, so I am not going to write any literature articles. I won't even write any using Chinese... So I would mainly focus on technical articles, explain my findings and thoughts on different technologies. I have also started to enjoy photographing, so you may also see some of my pictures in the gallery. Remember I am a beginner... :)